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  • Strategies For Managing Equipment Surplus In Pharma

    By Matt Hicks, Chief Operating Officer, Federal Equipment Company Major trends in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing industries are driving significant shifts in the management of laboratory and processing equipment inventory. Pr...

  • The Success of 46th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair

    Our company took part in the 46th International Expo in Chongqing,China in 2013.We have met a great success in this activity . During this period, our company's sales manager, professional engineers, technicians and our general manager are al...

  • The Overall Situation of Medicine Machine Industry in the Second Half Year

    According to the forecast, with the continuous development of the medicine machine industry, pharmaceutical machinery in our country is a high-end development trend since the second half of 2012. Many experts within the industry have a good forec...

  • The 46th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair

    "2013 Chongqing International Exhibition of Medicine and Pharmacy Chains "will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center On October 18, 2013 - on October 20, 2013. The exhibition by the food and drug administration i...

  • Analysis: the pharmaceutical machinery industry tends to move toward intelligent high-

    Pharmaceutical machinery contains bulk pharmaceutical ingredients, preparation medicinal crushing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, water equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, medical testing equipment, and other pharmaceutical machin...

  • In 2013 the World Pharmaceutical, Packaging Equipment Materials Exhibition of China (S

    Our company attend the 2013 World Pharmaceutical, Packaging Equipment Materials Exhibition of China(Shanghai). The exhibition equipment:Vertical Rotary Type Extruder (patent products), JYW Extrusion Rounded Pelletizing Machine (patent products), ...

  • The 45th Session of the National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo(Qingdao)

    Distingguished new and old customers, Please let us show our thankful for your long and faithful support to the company. The exhibition equipments: Vertical Rotary Type Extruder (patent products), JYW Extrusion Rounded Pelletizing Machine (patent...

  • Vacuum Conveying Equipment

    introduction Vacuum conveying equipment in suction compressed air, through the hose conveying powder, dust, pigment, granules, tablets, capsules, crop, small parts, etc. Is easy to install and operate, delivery process and no leakage, dust etc ch...


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