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Analysis: the pharmaceutical machinery industry tends to move toward intelligent high-end road [2013-09-26]

  Pharmaceutical machinery contains bulk pharmaceutical ingredients, preparation medicinal crushing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, water equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, medical testing equipment, and other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. In a wide range of products, there is not only a single advanced equipment, but also a complete set of automatic production unit.

  In the "twelfth five-year" period, the pharmaceutical machinery industry's goal is to focus on the mainstream products to achieve intelligent control, information level, especially in order to realize the native and remote intelligent control. In recent years, with the fierce market competition, and the implementation of the new version of GMP, pharmaceutical machinery intelligent becomes necessities, in order to meet the demand of the construction of today's society.

  Compared with foreign countries,companies   have a certain distance in accessories and core technologies, therefore, if we want to  pursue  internationa pace ,  a useful weapon must be applied .

  The intelligent is the trend of the development of equipment manufacturing industry. As a new generation of IT development, the key technology to improve the status of value chain, the system is to promote high-end equipment industry in China from the "made in China" to "created in China" transformation and upgrading of the key factors.

  At present, the development of enterprises is a new trend of mechanical products to the intelligent high-end road. China's manufacturing industry has reached a milestone, and the high-end transformation of pharmaceutical machinery industry, industrial upgrading has entered the critical period.


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