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Vacuum Conveying Equipment [2012-10-15]


  Vacuum conveying equipment in suction compressed air, through the hose conveying powder, dust, pigment, granules, tablets, capsules, crop, small parts, etc. Is easy to install and operate, delivery process and no leakage, dust etc


  Without electricity, through the compressed air can control and run the entire operation system; Automatic control, simple operation, convenient; In accordance with GMP standard, and meet the CIP requirements; Small volume, light weight, easy installation, quick; No vibration, low noise, Clean operation, conveying process on the environment will not cause pollution; A device can take turns for many sets of machine, and the maintenance cost is low; Work process and no heat generation, safety protection


  Pharmaceutical (active pharmaceutical ingredients, powder material, grain material, mixing materials, tablets, coating pills, etc.)

  Food (additives, raw materials, candy, coating sugar pill, cocoa powder, monosodium glutamate, crystal, etc.)

  Chemical (dyes, pigments, etc.)

  Agriculture (bulk materials, etc.)

  Electronic industry (small parts, etc.)

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