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The Overall Situation of Medicine Machine Industry in the Second Half Year [2013-10-15]

  According to the forecast, with the continuous development of the medicine machine industry, pharmaceutical machinery in our country is a high-end development trend  since the second half of 2012. Many experts within the industry have a good forecast, and  the overall trend  will be first low after high in 2013.

  Domestic pharmaceutical machinery replacement high-end product updates will continue to attract foreign technology. Major foreign competitors will continue to increase, and high technical barriers of developed countries make our many import machineries cannot be updated by ourselves.

  Aiming at these problems, China introduced a series of supporting policies relating to the pharmaceutical industry. Along with the further implementation of WTO rules, pharmaceutical machinery will revolve around the international rules and practices to promote the class technology. As the implementation of the "twelfth five-year" plan, some new technology, new equipment and new standards will have emerged, which is bound to promote the rapid development of domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry.

  Under the pressure of foreign products competition, pharmaceutical machinery industry must make full use of the relevant policies, intensive development route.

  Change ideas;

  Set up the idea of long-term development ;

  Formulate feasible goals and plans.

  Focus on the optimization of product structure, improving the quality of the product, the master of core    technology and innovation and enterprise to expand the brand influence.

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