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  • 1.PTS250 Vacuum Feeder 2.VP430-C Vacuum Feeder 3.BVP Continuous Vacuum
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1.PTS250 Vacuum Feeder

The picture above is the mobile vacuum feeding machine, which adopts the movable frame of the foot wheel. The application condition is automatically feeding on the reactor with different height, and the user bring the vacuum source.

2.VP430-C Vacuum Feeder

3.BVP Continuous Vacuum

VP430-C vacuum conveying equipment is used by pharmaceutical in the explosion-proof area to reactor material. The whole system is used in gas control the whole process control, with nitrogen valve on top. IT is the BVP continuous vacuum feeding machine included  two sets of valve type vacuum feeding machine sharing a suction pipe and a discharge pipe is connected in the same equipment or containers in parallel.  Thes vacuum feeding machine share a vacuum source and provite continues materials delivering.

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